Custom Foot Orthotics

With expertise in Bio-mechanics, the podiatrists at Chiropody Center can take a scan of your feet and have custom inserts made, to treat your feet in our own workshop. We can make orthotics for adults, kids, diabetics, athletes and for everyday use. In our own workshop we only use materials made in Germany and guarantee highest quality standards.

About Orthotics

With years of medical training in foot care, Dr. Sami Tabib and George Stobel are experts in treating foot problems with orthotics. Just as contact lenses improve vision, orthotics improved foot function.

Custom orthotics are made from digital foot scans or so called blue prints of your individual feet. Each orthotic exactly matches the contour of each foot. In addition, “angled posts” or wedges are added that match the angular relationship between your leg, rear foot and forefoot.

Unlike an arch support, a custom orthotic moves with your foot. It controls certain parts of your foot at certain times during your gait, or walking cycle.

Orthotics may protect the tender areas of your foot from the wear and tear of constant use. Even if your foot problem is best treated by surgery, orthotics may delay the need for surgery and help maintain your surgical correction afterwards.

Especially for diabetic who need to look more after their feet than others, we provide custom made orthotics for their special footwear as well.

An Orthotic for Everyday Needs

Orthotics come in a variety of materials, ranging from rigid plastics to soft foam. All of these materials can be shaped to fit your individual foot. The rigid orthotics offer the most control of movement, while the softer ones provide better cushioning and protection. When prescribing your orthotics, our foot specialists will make the best match between your needs and the qualities of the materials.

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