Laser Hair Removal

We exclusively use the Overline èlite Resolution HD Laser!

The revolutionary laser that transforms the way to do aesthetics

High Resolution Laster Matrix

All new generation Laser equipment use a wavelength of 808nm corresponding to one laser beam of pure red light. Especially effective on the pigments of the hair bulb that absorb the Light up to  98%. Thanks to the increases 1200W power we will have further precision in hitting the hair.

Large & Regular Sapphire Focus

Regular: Thanks to its 1200W of power, it allows to get a decisive action on the area to be treated. In addition, the greater reduction in pulse width combine with the Freezing Effect cooling system allows more comfortable treatments.

Large: Innovative design with doubled spot, allows reducing treatment times, especially on large areas, maintaining the same effectiveness, but requiring fewer steps.

Freezing Effect

The Overline laser introduced an advanced cooling system that makes the experience of the epilation a pleasant sensation of freshness and protection for the skin. Also the cooling will emphasize the result of the progressive epilation treatment.

12 Spots per Second

With a view to optimization and improvement of the performance, the execution of the Overline Laster treatment provides the use of a multispot methodology that allows up to 12 spots in a fraction of a second. All this puts the aesthetic professional operator in conditions to be able to work safely and improve time and effectiveness of the treatment and its final result.

Technical Evaluation

With the 10″ touch screen we can customize any treatment thanks to a detailed evaluation. The software offers the possibility for the professional operator to enter all the personal data of our customer, related to the epilation service. We are able to recognize four important families: the phototype, the color of the hair, the size of the hair and the piliferous density.

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